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Our New Church Music Guy

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Two years ago I preached at an Ambrose University chapel. The music that day was very well done. So much so, that after the service I went up to the young worship/music leader and jokingly said, 'I'm going to be starting a new church and would like you to sign a contract to be our worship leader'. At first he thought I was serious, and then he laughed and thanked me for the encouragement.

Little did I know how prophetic my joke would be.

Two months ago — as our new church-plant opportunity was starting to solidify — I started to wonder how in the world I was going to find a music leader in such a short time. As I fretted this young chapel leader came to mind. I didn't even know his name (it's Dan Lee).

Once I found his name I sent him an email (figuring that my out-of-the-blue 'ask' didn't stand a chance... he's 21 and I'm 58... he was already active in another church... and to be honest, he's more than I thought our little church could ever attract). When Dan got my email, his first thought was to send me a quick 'no'. But he didn't. And then through a whole series of providential affirmations on his side — along with a few good conversations with me — he said, 'yes'. What's most attractive about Dan to me is his heart; huge integrity, very creative, industrious and passionate for God (and I'm just starting to get to know him!).

The best part of the affirmation process for me was a walk we took for our first meeting. I talked a lot about the church vision — exegeting a tree branch that we passed at one point, and then a mountain-top, and then a cultural song. I didn't know until later how important that walk was for Dan. It was then that he began to realize how theologically grounded this 'God-Everywhere' worldview was. One meeting later we shook hands.

After that meeting I began to wonder if maybe I should have asked him for an audition or something (ya think!). It was two years ago when I last heard him play and sing... and I wasn't watching him all that closely. So I sent him a note asking if he could record himself singing a contemporary version of an old hymn that he'd mentioned he loved. Seems he had the same idea and had already made the recording.

So here's Dan Lee singing Come Thou Fount...

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