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Lots of other sermons

Here's a link to my VIMEO page were you'll find all kinds of other sermon videos on topics like The Seven Deadly Sins, God's Signature Moves, Finding Peace, Worry, Maps, Emotions, Parenting, The Theology of Sleep, Marriage, Pain, Mathematics, Judgmentalism, The Ten Commandments and many of Jesus' other parables.

The Parable of a Coronavirus Pandemic

A talk exploring what God might be saying to our world via a pandemic. 

The Gift of Gratitude

You Shall not Lie

Part of a series of 10 messages on the 10 commandments.

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

The Parable of the Talents

The Story of Ruth (and the love of God)

The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

Disability and the Divine

This talk looks at how people with disabilities image of God. The message is ten years old, but in many ways, as a father of a young man with Down syndrome, I had been thinking about the topic for years.

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