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What do the music of Metallica and Bach, the film Crash, World Cup Soccer and stories about Batman have in common? According to author and pastor John Van Sloten, God can speak through all of them—if we're listening. Out of his own often startling and sometimes wrenching journey of discovery, Van Sloten shows how God can speak to us through anything and everything—heavy metal music, R-rated films, sports, and even the latest fashions. This book might just change the way you hear God's voice—and how you live in today's world.



A Walmart greeter, a nurse, and an astronaut walk into a church. . . . They each bring with them their own exhaustions and exasperations, their own uncertainty about how their work matters to God. Good news: All work matters to God, because all work reflects some aspect of His character. God created the world so that it runs best when it mirrors Him, and we find the most fulfillment when we recognize God behind our labor. John Van Sloten pilots a fascinating investigation on vocation. An innovative journey that illuminates how your work is a parable of God; as you work, you are an icon of grace. It’s time to discover the spiritual significance behind your work. Understand your job at the parable level and uncover the perspective God has for you through your work. (from the book website)

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DNA and deep-sea life. Knees and trees. Songbirds and supernovas. How does God speak through creation, and what is God saying?

Pastor John Van Sloten invites us to know God more deeply as we marvel at the complexities of this amazing creation. Each chapter begins with a story that connects a field of science or facet of nature with an attribute and characteristic of God. The hope? As your eyes are opened to God’s great handiwork, you will know and love him all the more.

We were made to wonder. To marvel. To live in awe of our Creator. You don’t have to be naturally gifted at biology, chemistry, or physics to be awakened to God’s majesty. God Speaks Science shows us how to delight in the wisdom, beauty, and awesome power of our triune God!

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