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An OPED on our Hyper-Judgmental times (and a possible antidote)

Copy Of -An Interview I did with the Calgary Herald re: the new Marda Loop Church

Church starts 2/2/20.

Copy Of -God Was The First Scientist

Here's an article I wrote for the Calgary Herald on the intersection of faith and science. 

What Would Jesus Do about Single Use Plastic?

Calgary Herald Opinion Editorial


Here's an OPED I wrote for the Calgary Herald (which is generating a bit of vitriol from some Christians)

The Theology of the New Central Library

Calgary Herald Opinion Editorial


Here's an OPED I wrote for an upcoming Faith and Work lecture series as the New Central Library

An Interview with CBC radio

CBC Radio Interview


Here's an interview I did with CBC's Russell Bowers for his Sunday morning Daybreak program on Every Job a Parable. (When I left the interview I thought it hadn't worked out well at all...  until my wife said it was the best interview I'd ever done - what do I know?)

An Interview with Dr. Amy Sherman

Made to Flourish Interview


A good interview outlining the how and why of preaching people's jobs as parables.

Reversing Your Perspective to See God at Work

QARA Article


It seems strange that a person of faith can believe in an all powerful and omnipresent God and not experience Him at work. Perhaps they’ve never thought about God’s on-the-job presence or encountered a sufficiently imaginative theology of vocation. 

Finding God in Crossfit

Religion News Service (RNS) Article


"While CrossFit isn’t the church, a lot of what God made the church for is present there. As I spoke to a few of the athletes about some of those spiritual connections, some seemed genuinely intrigued. As I named the sacred in something they deeply valued, I felt as though I was honoring them … seeing them with God’s eyes. And that CrossFit gym, for just a moment, felt holy."

John on the Bluejays

CTV News Interview


“To participate in national joy, to participate in all of us focusing in on one thing, to participate in shared glory together as humanity.” 

John on a Police Officer

Calgary Herald Article


"There’s brokenness in police departments and no one’s going to dispute that. I want to focus on what’s mostly right, most of the time, and how that reflects who God is."

John on The Day Metallica Came to Church

Ufonic Interview


"All of these Metallica/biblical couplets came together in my mind..."

(on why John chose to preach on the band)

John being interviewed on Chicago's AM1160

Re: Every Job a Parable


"There is no job too small for

God's presence..."

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