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A Calgary Herald OPED on Xmas Hope

Here's a piece I wrote for the Herald on letting our hope expand beyond 'hope of a vaccine'. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 8.21.21 AM.png
Qanon and the Church

A CBC article that I was interviewed for re: the trolling our sermon on "mask wearing as a spiritual practice" got.

CBC QAnon.png
Why Lego is Good
for your Soul

A Calgary Herald piece I did on the topic. 

lego herald.png
The Theology of Lego

A CBC radio interview I did on the topic.

The Theology of Wearing a Mask

Calgary Herald article I wrote (that drew a lot of vitriol!). 

The Gospel according to Frontline Healthcare Workers

An OPED on the amazing ways frontline healthcare workers image (and point to) God!

Parable of Frontline Workers.png
The Parable of the Coronavirus 

An OPED I wrote for the Calgary Herald.

coronavirus herald.png
In the Beginning God Created Cannabis

Yep...  I said 'yes' to writing this OPED...

cannabis oped.JPG
A CBC article on Marda Loop Church

Pretty cool that the CBC would do this piece on our church restart. 

God the First Scientist

A Calgary Herald OPED I wrote on faith and science.

god first scientist herald.jpg
The Theology of a Library

An OPED on the theology of a library (and design, architecture, engineering, etc)

Finding God in Crossfit

An RNS article I wrote. 

The Day Metallica 
Came to Church


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