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An Incredible Experience at the Science Fair

I just had the most incredible experience at the ASA/CSCA faith and science conference. This morning I prayed that I’d be open to talking to people (at this conference) that GOD would have me talk to… ie. not just to people that I would seek out or strategically want to connect with, but with whoever crosses my path.

So just now I met a woman who teaches at a nearby university (she was not part of the conference and was just looking to do some work on campus). Standing at the foyer she asked what the conference was about. After I told her about the faith and science nature of the event, she said, “Well, that’s me!“ She teaches science communication at a public university and is a person of faith.

She then told me about a recent assignment that she had given her students (which her atheist students did readily, but her faith-based students struggled with).  She said she was looking for a resource to help those faith-based students find a way to communicate about faith and science in a more relevant way. And then… get this… she said she just heard a commercial on the radio as she was driving in, talking about a book called, God Speaks Science!

She made a mental note to look the book up, parked her car, and then walked into the foyer where my poster and stack of books were.

Needless to say, we were both shocked!  And then we had a wonderful conversation. I gave her three copies of the book. She went on to connect with the CSCA/ASA (who are sponsoring the conference)… and I am left shaking my head.

(*photos taken with permission)

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