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God Speaks Science: Preaching from God’s Other Book

Here's a new article I wrote on preaching science for Biologos.

"Preaching science is all about bringing God’s revelation through creation into conversation with God’s revelation through the Bible in a co-illumining, mutually intelligible way.Augustine said that, "Every good and true Christian should understand that wherever he may find truth, it is his Lord's."1 Martin Luther observed that, “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.”2 John Calvin described creation as a theatre, filled with God’s revelation.3 Abraham Kuyper claimed that everything that exists was a thought in the mind of God before it ever came to be (and therefore has something to say about who God is).4 Herman Bavinck spoke of revelation extending to “the uttermost ends of creation,” and how creation and the Bible are meant to be read together, “General revelation leads to special [the Bible], special revelation points back to general. The one calls for the other, and without it remains imperfect and unintelligible. Together they proclaim the manifold wisdom which God has displayed in creation and redemption.”5".... continued here.

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