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A Snapshot of Where Things Are At

Yesterday was an amazing day.

It began with words from a psalm - "I will praise you Lord among the nations" (57:9). They felt more numinous knowing I'd be doing a UK radio interview later that morning. This is why I stepped back from the pastorate - to make more room for a big idea about God to get out to the world.

The interview went well. It felt integrated, loving, eloquent and beautiful. When the host asked me to speak to her listeners as they were driving home from work, I really felt as through I did - I could see the electrician in his van, the office workers in their cars, ordinary people heading home from 'ordinary' jobs. At one point in the interview I said, "Of course God is there" (in reference to people's places of work), and it felt as though he was - in my dining room, in that London radio station, and in all the places those listening Londoners were at the time!

After the interview ended I sat in silence for 20 minutes feeling a deep sense of peace, satisfaction and gratitude.

Then I got an email from CBC radio asking if they could do an interview on the book (we'll do it next month).

Then an email from Ambrose Seminary with marketing materials for the preaching workshop I'll be teaching in November. I can't tell you how excited I am for this course. I keep imagining a whole bunch of pastors engaging a whole bunch of churches with an expanded vision of who our everywhere God is. Compiling a mailing list I saw the staff photos and bios of scores of Calgary pastors. All I could feel was love.

Then I worked on an upcoming faith and science sermon, and got excited (again) for the completion of a Fuller Seminary STEAM grant on God's revelation through the human body. I can hardly wait to get started on my third book this January - God's Body Language.

Then I watched a good talk on the Soul of Work and was introduced to a great quote from a theologian who I deeply admire - "in everything God is waiting for us".

And all of this together made for such a good day. Coupled with the renewed energy and passion I'm feeling, I can hardly wait for what God has next.

"I will praise you Lord among the nations" Psalm 57:9

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